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Corporate Benefits Packages


More and more employers are looking at corporate benefit packages as a way of recruiting and retaining the best employees in the market.  It is essential each employer has their own corporate benefits package tailored to the individual needs and requirements of their business.

Such benefits can include all or a combination of the following:

  • Life cover
  • Salary Protection
  • Pension
  • Serious Illness Cover
  • Health Insurance


A significant part of our business is reviewing existing schemes which are currently in place and we carry out an audit to ensure that it is:

  • Value for money for the company and its members
  • Understood by all members
  • Complying with pension board scheme governance
  • Trustee training compliance advice

Part of our review process is our commitment to meet each individual employee in order to conduct an overall review of their own personal finances.  This meeting agenda is based on our unique 10 point financial health check which we go through in detail with each member.   This is critical from both the employee and employer perspective so as to ensure they are getting the best possible advice available on all aspects of their personal finances.  At the end of the day if employees are more confident about their financial futures they are much more likely to achieve greater efficiencies in the workplace.




Where two or more people are working together be it through a partnership or a company structure, this insurance provides financial compensation to the successor and the estate of a Partner who may have died or had a serious illness and is no longer part of the partnership

This type of cover will help to maintain positive relationships, both in running the partnership and also with the partner’s estate and his successor

The remaining partners may wish to continue on with the business or cease trading, while at the same time ensure their partners successor and estate will be looked after financially

Partnership Insurance makes the funds available to facilitate all of these scenarios.



Key Person Insurance is used when Company's need to ensure that they are protected from the risk of financial loss due to a reduction in their sales, distribution and operational capability or the consequences of an early unscheduled repayment of a loan

This risk of losing out financially or through reduced operational capability can be caused by losing their best, most important influential person (key person) due to death or serious illness

This key person can sometimes be at the heart of everything going on in the business, covering all departments with in depth expertise, driving sales through a network of contacts and could also be the guarantor on a loan that has been borrowed based on confidence in his/her competencies and capabilities

Unfortunately, when a company loses a person like this, its ability to survive and grow can be badly impacted. To remove this risk, it is possible to insure the key person and their key roles and responsibilities’ using what is called Key Person Insurance

Following an assessment of the financial risk that the loss would entail, a policy can be issued to the company covering the potential loss of the Key Person and all of the added value they bring to the business

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