Saving and Investments in Ireland


Planning for your future

Independent investment advice is a crucial element in ensuring that your funds are invested in a way that reflects your needs and attitude to risk.

  • When is the last time that you considered what your goals are when it comes to investing your money?
  • Do you know that by leaving all of your savings on deposit that it is being eroded by inflation over time?
  • Do you know what your personal risk profile is and how this is reflected in where your money is invested?

Your Investment Needs

  • Do you need to invest money to fund your children’s educational fees?
  • Have you thought about saving some of your child benefit allowance every month?
  • Are you seeking returns in excess of what is on offer for bank deposits?
  • Investing for Growth or Investing for Income?

Our Investment Philosophy

  • Fahey Financial Solutions philosophy is to deliver to you diversified investment portfolios that are in line with your personal risk appetite and your financial goals.
  • We provide independent advice and are totally transparent in our dealings with all our clients.
  • In this way you will have the peace of mind that your funds are invested according to your wishes with no surprises.

Contact Us

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