Financial Health Check Galway

10 Point Financial Health Check

This is a unique personalised service we offer to all our clients at least once each year (depending on their individual requirements).

We work directly with you and discuss your current financial situation, review your personal financial circumstances (Life & Serious Illness Cover, Income Protection, Investments, Savings, Loans, Pension Provision etc.). This is a very streamlined and comprehensive review, which will assist you in planning your financial future. We take great care in working with you so we clearly understand your circumstances and make recommendations and suggestions to support you along the way.

This is the ideal time to safe-guard and protect your future by engaging with us so we can help you realise your personal financial goals and objectives.

Our 10 point Action Plan is strictly confidential and the agenda is as follows:

  1. An update on your financial situation and any changes to your financial goals and objectives;
  2. A discussion on any loans/debts you may have, interest rates, and how they might be managed;
  3. A review of any protection plans you may have and if they are right for your current circumstances
  4. A review of your income tax, potential inheritance tax liability and capital gains tax position
  5. An update on your existing pension entitlements and provision
  6. A strategic review of your pension and/or investment portfolio examining the asset and fund mix, in conjunction with your established investment risk profile.
  7. Discussion on any investment/pension recommendations that we may make to you
  8. Discussion on any protection recommendations that we may make
  9. Update your professional connections i.e. your Accountant and Solicitor if/as required
  10. What paperwork you need to keep and what you should get rid of

We believe by engaging with us in this process, you will be more confident about your financial future and will help ensure you are “financially fit” for life.

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