Fahey Financial Solutions Ltd was established in 2011 in the midst of the greatest recession Ireland has ever experienced.  It was born on the backdrop of how Banks had started to treat customers who were experiencing economic hardship and financial difficulty.

We saw how banks lost their emotional connection with customers, began closing branches, installing service machines in those branches that were to remain open.  The result was that customers felt treated like numbers – not human beings, no longer enjoyed any meaningful customer relationship or service experience and lost hope and trust in Banks where they had perhaps banked all of their working lives and their parents before them.

Fahey Financial Solutions core values are based around treating individuals as actual people who have emotions, needs, requirements and aspirations and is there to provide a personalised service catered to everyone’s individual needs and wants.  Our principals are based on TRUST which we have established, built and continue to expand our successful business around:

  • Trust – cornerstone of any relationship
  • Reliability – depend on us to be there for you
  • Understanding– get to know your circumstances and aspirations
  • Service – dedicated team that works for you and with you
  • Team – work in partnership with our clients and service providers

We very much see the role of Fahey Financial Solutions Ltd as that of a “Financial Consumer Watchdog” to ensure you are getting real value for money from all your financial products. It is critical that you the consumer shop around to ensure you are getting the best possible deal in the marketplace in relation to your utilities, financial plans and other items of expenditure.

We have found that consumer behaviour has improved in terms of shopping around for utilities such as electricity, phone and internet providers, etc.  However, the majority don’t take the time to shop around in relation to the competitiveness of their financial products such as; mortgage protection, life cover, serious illness, income protection, investment and retirement plans.

However, when asked to prioritise in order of importance, clients will always rank such financial products much higher up the scale than day to day utilities.  The reasons provided for not shopping around range from “I didn’t know they could be reviewed or amended” to “it is too much hassle”!!  Failure to do so can cost clients thousands of euros over the lifetime of their financial plans.

This is where Fahey Financial Solutions can make a real difference.  We will carry out a thorough review of all of your financial plans to check if they are the right for your current circumstances and provide you with a comprehensive report summarising your existing plans together with our findings and recommendations.

Our philosophy is a simple one – we strive to “make you money” by getting you a more competitive deposit rate/investment return on your funds or “save you money” by offering you the most competitive insurance premiums currently available in the market.

We have found that for 8 out of every 10 prospective clients this philosophy holds true. Just recently we saved clients’ money ranging from €200 to €685 per annum in their life insurance premiums alone.

You are given the option of paying a fee for our services or should you prefer, we can be remunerated in the form of commission payable by the Life Company or Financial Institution whom we place your business with. Any such fees or commissions are agreed, disclosed and communicated to you in advance of any transaction being executed on your behalf

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